30.10.2013, 18:11

The Oscar's Grind system

The Grind gambling system is simple. It aims to make just 1 unit profit per cycle. Once this profit is achieved, the cycle stops. It doesn't try to make more than 1 unit and even stops itself from doing so.

The Grind system works as follows: 

You bet 1 unit. If you win, the cycle is ended and you start again. 

When you're losing, keep the bet the same.

When winning, increase the size of the bet by 1 unless that would give a profit of more than 1.

An illustration

For example, in the Alternating loss test (Lose, Lose, Win, Lose, Win, Win, Lose, Win, Lose, Lose, Win, Lose), after 5 bets, you're down 1 unit and the bet size is 2. The system says to raise the bet when you're winning, but raising the bet size to 3 would give a profit of 2. To make sure we don't win more than 1 unit for the sequence, we have to keep the bet at 2.

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