23.10.2013, 21:38

Real Madrid - Juventus


Real is in excellent form now. They have three consecutive victories and are showing an impressful game during last performances. Their last game was against Malaga at home. The team had much more of ball possesion and a lot of opportunities to score. Real had 32 strikes in this game so their victory is really deserved. 
Juventus is coming from a very nervous and tight defeat in the last match against Fiorentina awayfrom home. It was very unstable game, moreover, Juve was likely to win this match but they failed to score a lot of chances the team had during the game. Neverless, guest are entering this game with bad tamper. The atmosphere in the locker room is unnormal as they are third now in the Seria A and second in Champions League with four pints less than first placed Real Madrid.
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