30.12.2013, 11:28

Liverpool - Hull

Bet: Liverppol (-1)

Liverpool is coming  from a disappointing 2:1 defeat against Chelsea away from home. Team played very confidently and created a lot of chances to score as they expected to finish this game with the deserved victory and to climb up through the table after the match. Hosts are 5th now with only 1 point less than 4th placed Everton. Liverpoll should win in the game against Hull if they want to be 4th at the end of 2013 year.
Hull is entering this game with a realy deserved 3 points in the match against Fulham. Team played very dominant, had a lot of attempts and much more of ball possesion. They are 10th after this victory so coach might be very pleased to be so high at the table. They are likely to face with a lack of motivation in this match so they will play  carefully and try to use Liverpool's mistakes to score.
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